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 Digital Campfire is a VR communication app that delivers a communication environment that focuses on “trust” and “comfort” in building a team in remote work. Trust is a state in which both you and the other person have the same level of commitment and self-disclosure, and comfort is a state in which you can behave in a natural way.

Digital Campfire helps you build your team and communicate with others remotely by taking care of these two elements.

Feature of the product

○ VR environment that helps you focus on each other
This product is a communication application that is used by wearing a VR head-mounted display. This allows the user to concentrate on interacting with other users in the same virtual world without any other visual or auditory distractions.

○ A small space for high-quality communication
A maximum of 10 people can be connected to the app at the same time. When you want to talk about something important or have an ice breaker, the capacity is designed so that no one is left out.

○ Communication with physicality
By wearing an avatar, users can gesture, move, and look around in the virtual world. On the audio side, we have incorporated an attenuation function and stereophonic sound, so you can talk to people nearby while hearing conversations around you in the distance, or you can approach someone you are interested in and talk to them from behind.

○ A soothing campfire world
The stage of the virtual world is the ” Campfire “. When you enter a small cave, you will find a crackling campfire, and when you exit the cave, you will be greeted by a star-filled sky.

The story behind the creation of Digital Campfire

Digital Campfire was developed after we encountered the issue of how to maintain motivation and trust in the loneliness of remote work, as we have been working office-less and fully remote since our founding in 2018. Remote work has rapidly spread across the country due to the COVID-19, and this has led some major companies to set a company-wide remote work policy.

It is a fact that remote work has a great advantage in terms of work efficiency and cost reduction, and this has brought about many positive changes in society.
However, in terms of communication, there are structural disadvantages such as not being able to see your team members, not being able to show yourself, not being able to create a tempo of conversation, and not being able to have random conversations. These structural disadvantages can cause anxiety such as “I can’t see the other person’s personality,” “I don’t know if I can trust the other person,” and “I don’t know if the other person trusts me,” which in turn can lead to problems such as a sense of belonging, loss of motivation, and loneliness.

We want to solve the communication problem while continuing to work remotely.
With this in mind, we developed “Digital Campfire,” a VR application that allows people to communicate with each other in a virtual world that is more relaxed than the office, just as if they were in the office.

Usage Scenario

○1-on-1 with your boss/subordinate

Recommended for those who feel that they cannot get the other person’s true intentions out in a 1-on-1 session at the office or in a videoconference, or that the session becomes too much work. Recommended for those who tend to focus only on the material at hand. Since you are both wearing VR head-mounted displays, there is nothing else to distract you, and you can concentrate on the dialogue. You can also create a relaxed environment by looking at the same fire.

○Online meetups
This is ideal for small group gatherings such as in-house club activities or study groups. Even a group of 10 people, which is difficult to gather in a real office, is safe in VR. Since stereophonic sound is implemented, even if you are divided into small groups of two or three people, the conversations will not be mixed up. In addition, the conversations of other groups will not be completely lost, so you can enjoy the experience without losing the sense of unity.

○Ice Breaker
In Digital Campfire, you can wear a pop-up pig avatar to participate. (In the case of the default setting. New and experienced employees alike can wear pop avatars to ease tension and create a flat dialogue.

○As a place to create a small community like a “office kitchen”
In a real office, people gather in the “office kitchen” regardless of their department or position, and unexpected encounters can occur. Digital Campfire can also exist virtually as a place where you can meet people and take a breather.

Plans for Future Update

This is a free demo version. Based on the feedback from the trial version, we will continue to work on making it into a full product and service.

Current Potential

  • Customize the VR world / Set the original VR world
  • Customize avatar / Set as original avatar
  • Facilitation / Time setting function
  • Add or reduce the number of simultaneous connections
  • Set up an environment for presentations and video viewing
  • Access from PCs, smartphones, tablet devices, etc.
  • If you are interested in using Digital Campfire, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

What We Can Offer


| 対応技術

  • 画像解析 (機械学習)
  • Speech to Text (機械学習)
  • 生体センサー
  • リアルタイムサーバー通信
  • フォトグラメトリー
  • 動作解析/モーショントラッキング
  • GPS連携
  • ドローン連携
  • データ解析
  • LiDARセンサー
  • 3Dプリント

| 対応プラットフォーム

  • Unity
  • 8th Wall
  • Blippar
  • A-Frame
  • MediaPipe

| 対応デバイス

  • Meta Quest
  • VIVE
  • Pico
  • Nreal
  • Microsoft Hololens
  • iOS スマートフォン
  • Android スマートフォン