Creating Omoroi-mon

Daftcraft is a company specializing in XR development for business, founded in 2018. The founding members were involved in game and product development even before that, and are still fascinated by the fun of product development. Making better products can create more excitement and provide more convenience. Our mission is to create that positive upward flow, starting with us. * Omoroi = exciting, fun, interesting / mon = stuff, things


Innovating Soui-Kufuu in Japan

「“Soui-Kufu” ( : ingenuity, or creativity) is one of Japan’s specialties. We want to further boost Japanese production, which always seeks ways to make things even better by covering every detail with dedication. Today, any knowledge is networked.We collect them, shape them, and provide you with solutions that are valuable to everyone from artisans to production teams. And we hope that “Soui-Kufu” will one day become an irreplaceable part of society for all people.



Let’s think about why you do it.


Get yourself focused on what you need to do.


Look to the core of others.
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Daftcraft is a small team. We all think together, manage together, and work together. Each member is given many opportunities and is expected to grow quickly. To maximize our creativity, each member can choose the environment and working hours that suit them best.