XR Consulting

We actively participate and share our opinions from the planning stage as to provide the best solution for both what the client wants to achieve and the final user experience.

Process of XR Consulting

We can provide a one-stop service for planning, development, and operation / data utilization. And we achive both quality and speed with lean software development. From deformed to photorealistic, we support a wide range of 3DCG, and adapt to HMD and development environments flexibly.


Train POC

Client: A major train company
It recreates a real physical space in VR and measures the user’s line of sight and motion in the VR space.Colleagues at distant locations can view the measurement results in the same space, and voice chat conferences can be held on site.

AR Soccer

Client: A major telecommunication carrier
This app allows users to enjoy watching soccer games with a powerful AR effect using AR glasses and smartphones.We participated in the development from the project planning stage.It was used during major mobile carrier’s 5G experience events.

VR Pingpong

Client: Rallys Inc.
A VR application that allows users to experience a realistic table tennis game.Users can practice hitting back balls launched from various directions and serve by themselves.The interior design was designed to make the experience even more exciting than playing in real life.

MR application for task guidance

Client: A GPS related company
This is an MR application based on Hololens 2.Workers at the construction site can wear Hololens and receive work tasks from a manager at a remote location.When the status of a task is changed from the hololens, it is immediately reflected in the manager’s iPad app.It helps to improve work efficiency in situations such as construction, construction, logistics, etc.

What We Can Offer

| Supported Technologies

  • Image analysis (ML)
  • Speech to Text (ML)
  • Biosensor
  • Realtime Server
  • Photogrammetry
  • Motion Tracking
  • GPS
  • Drone
  • Data Analysis
  • LiDAR
  • 3D Printing

| Supported Platforms

  • Unity
  • 8th Wall
  • Blippar
  • A-Frame
  • MediaPipe

| Supported Devices

    • Meta Quest
    • VIVE
    • Pico
    • Nreal
    • Microsoft Hololens
    • iOS Smartphone
    • Android Smartphone