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Simply spend time in VR,
and collect hints for “creating a better space”

Owl Vision is a tool to measure and visualize human behavior in digital space: while a user wearing a VR device is enjoying VR content, Owl Vision measures and records the user’s eye movements and body movements.

– The direction the body was facing for a long time
– Where the gaze came back repeatedly
– Temperature, humidity, and other aspects of the experience (when connected to an IoT sensor)
– Emotion of the experiencer, such as pleasure or discomfort (when connected to an electroencephalograph)

Those recorded data can be reviewed as a 360-degree image in heat map format in VR.

The best solution to prevent BAD UX

“People didn’t notice the sign, so we had to temporarily add a paper sign.”
“Even though it says what the buttons are for, people always make a mistake.”

These problems often occurs. If it was smartphone application development, the design can be immediately revised based on user feedback. However, in spatial and product design, it is not that easy to create a revised version.

The fact that a product is not user-friendly gets discovered AFTER the product has been distributed across the country or a building has been constructed.

To prevent this from happening, Owl Vision simulates human behavior in a digital space and returns the collected data to the design process to help design better spaces and products.

● Features of the Product

Owl Vision introduction movie:

Owl Vision is a suite of tools that consists of the following three tools. You can also select the part you need according to your needs.

Experience... Create 3D data of the space or object you want to simulate, and simulate it in the VR space. With multiple VR terminals, multiple users can gather in the same space and communicate through voice chat, etc.

Measurement… During the simulation in the VR space, each user’s body movements, behavioral transitions, environmental data, and biometric data can be measured and recorded.

Consideration… The measured and recorded data can be visualized in the VR space as a 360-degree image in the form of a heat map. This can also be checked by multiple users wearing VR devices. It is also possible to analyze the data using various methods such as funnel analysis and cross analysis, and create a reporting file.


What We Can Offer

  • Supported
  • 3D Printing
  • Image analysis(ML)
  • Speech to Text(ML)
  • Biosensor
  • Realtime Server
  • Photogrammetry
  • Motion Tracking
  • GPS
  • Drone
  • DATA Analysis
  • VR Communication
  • LiDAR
  • Supported
  • unity
  • Our own SDK for Unity is currently available.
    Support for other engines is coming up soon.
  • Supported
  • Oculus
  • vive
  • pico
  • nreal
  • microsoft
  • Compatible with all major VR/AR/MR headsets, including high-end devices with eye-tracking functionality.

  • iOS
  • Android


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