We are

We are a small production team that values human-centered design and craftmanship.
We saw the potential in XR technology, and founded the company in 2018.
By combining cutting-edge technologies with originality and ingenuity, we create solutions tailored to our clients.
And deliver the “Omoroi!” excitement to the users.


    • People say they often run into people who look like me on the street.

    Wataru Hanajima


    • I like the number “3”.

    Masanori Endo

    Unity engineer

    • You might see me on our SNS!

    Fumi Ota


    • I’m a coffee person.

    Kenta Iwaki

    Unity engineer

    • I’m kinda working on a metaverse thing.

    Takumi Sato

    Server engineer

    • Doggies are my love.

    Satomi Watanabe

    Unity engineer


  • What We DO
  • Try & Error
  • Be crazy for creating things
  • Casual communications
  • Human Centered Design
  • Flexible work environment
  • Respect each other
  • Be a tech geek
  • What We DON’T
  • Choose stability over challenges
  • Give up halfway
  • follow every business etiquette
  • Prioritize only profit
  • Surveillance-like telework
  • Sacrifice life for work
  • Hesitate for “Omoroi-mon”

Company NameDAFTCRAFT,inc.
Adress1-17-11-408 Sumida-ku Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Founded2018 / 6 / 14
Capital1 million yen
CEOWataru Hanajima


Daftcraft is a small team.
We all think together, manage together, and work together.
Each member is given many opportunities and is expected to grow quickly.
To maximize our creativity, each member can choose the environment and working hours that suit them best.